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Dog boarding : Researching a kennel

dog boardingPersonally, summer seems to perk to quickly and rush right on by. While pondering how to fit a few days of holiday, a major concern occurred, what to do with our beloved pets. Making the proper choices for our family member, being a dog or a cat, can rapidly escalate in a stressful challenge, fortunately researching the proper kennel for your pet will greatly improve its stay while increasing the reward of your trip.
Whether you are looking for a short stay or a longer period, having proper pet care is a must. Our lives are very busy and complex and finding a friend or a family member to care for our pets is sometimes impossible and leaving our pet unattended and alone for long hours is not what we are thinking. Suddenly, we face the decision of finding a suitable boarding kennel, which will properly pamper our pet. Hopefully the following guidelines will help you make the best selection.

Dog boarding : How do I find a kennel?

The social media being what they are, go on and ask for a referral ! In addition, browse the internet for the kennel in your area, the just around the corner one being the easier one for you, could cost your pet a lot of care. Now that you have your list of kennel, dig up more informations and after short listing it, call them for: availability for your dates, your pet’s special needs, cost and payment method. When satisfy, visit the kennel with your pet.

Dog boarding : The visit and I am looking for?

During your tour of the kennel, kindly ask to inspect all the places your pet may go. You should be vigilant on the followings:
The facility look and smell clean ?
The ventilation and lighting are sufficient ?
The temperature is comfortable ?
Since our pets live in homes that are heated and air-conditioned, the kennel have the same, avoiding any risk of overheating or overcooling ?
The staff seems caring and experienced ?
All pets in the kennel are current on their vaccinations including the vaccine Bordetella (kennel cough) ? Such requirement protect every pet.
Each dog has his own indoor run and a schedule for let-outs and exercise ?
Cats separately house from the dogs ? Enough space for cats to move around comfortably ?
Cats have views ?
Extra package options like dogs ?
Pets are fed how often ?
Your pet’s special food is allowed ?
Veterinary services are available ?
Grooming, bathing, nail clipping, etc. are available ?

Dog boarding : Social Contact

Social contacts are imperative to your pet ? The priority of social contact for your pet is often in short supply due to kennel set up. Make sure the kennel you choose is pet interaction oriented. Routines developed to increase human handlings of pets reduce stress level immensely. Shy and less socialized pets adapt quickly when humans provide scheduled routine and administrative care.

Now that you have a kennel that feel like home, it is time to accustom your pet to longer kennel stays by starting with short period, like a weekend. This will allow you and your pet to get use to it. Our pets are part of our family by investing time to select the proper kennel, you generate a loving and wonderful gesture that your pet will gladly appreciate.

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